How to deal and treat Pigmentation ?

Before we begin first let’s discuss what pigmentation actually means.

Pigmentation when described simply means the colouring of the skin or the pigments that show colour in the skin.

The term we will be actually discussing today is hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is the term used due to describe darkening of the skin. This can be due to various reasons.

Like exposure to Sun, Hormones or Genetics.

There’s two way to tackle Hyperpigmentation one prevention and the other cure;

Let’s talk about Prevention first:

Here’s a list of the things that will help you with preventing or avoiding Hyperpigmentation.

•Avoid maximum Sun-exposure and do not skip your Sunscreen! We recommend lathering on if you are out and about !

•Avoid tugging and rubbing delicate facial regions like the under eye region.

•Avoid skipping your regular skincare routine.

•Avoid Harsh Products, and ingredients that your skin is allergic to.

•Avoid over exfoliating!

To tackle Hyperpigmentation;

•You can apply topical creams/serums that have formulated for the same !

•Look out for Products with these ingredients; Vitamin C, kojic Acid, retinoids like tretinion.

• You can also check out our Pigment Clear Serum.

A skin repairing formulation specifically formulated to treat Pigmentation. This tiny potion boots the skin’s turnover cycle and helps deep repair the skin and also controls melanin production!

A perfect concoction of skin treating and skin brightening ingredients that helps even out the skin tone, prevent dark spots and helps treat Hyperpigmentation and also lightens scars and treats deals with freckles and acne scars as well !

Here’s a quick and easy DIY overnight pigment clearing mask !

Mix in some Aloevera, Green tea and the Glamaroma Pigment Clear Serum and Lather this on to your areas of concern and let it rest overnight or wash off after 20 minutes ! Use this for atleast a week to see visible results!

Here’s a link to some Pure Aloe Gel and our Popular Pigment clear Serum !

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Check out the Glamaroma Aloe Gel Here !

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Until next time !