Tackle Humid Monsoon with a Simple Skincare Routine !

It’s time to make a few changes tiny changes/updates in your skincare routine to tackle the humidity!

With humid weather chances of infections are also high Here’s a few simple steps that will help you maintain your skin !

Let’s begin with Cleansing;

It’s extremely important to follow a good cleansing routine, switch up for gentle cleansing formula as you’ll find yourself washing your face at least thrice a day !

It’s extremely important that you cleanse your face completely and get rid of any makeup before bed time to prevent further clogging of pores or any kind if infections.

If you are planning on purchasing a newface wash here’s a blog post that might help you choose one !

Tone & prep !

Make sure to not skip on your toner this season as skin tends to get dehydrated during the monsoon ! Using a toner will not only help you tone your skin it will also work as an extra step for cleansing your skin !

For the humid season we highly recommend checking out our Neem distilled water a fabulous toner that helps curb infections and also helps tone & cleanse the skin !

Switch to an oil free Moisturiser:

With the humid weather it’s best to keep things to a minimal ! Choose a moisturiser that’s light weight still enriching !

Monsoons can also dehydrate your skin severely hence locking in the hydration is a must!

We recommend checking out our Coconut Vanilla moisturiser, an aqua based formula that’s super duper light on the skin !


Just because it has started to a get a little cloudy outside doesn’t mean you can skip your sunscreen now! The Sun’s UV rays can reach you anywhere, even while your siting by a glass window indoors!

Make a switch and choose a matte and oil free formulation !

Upgrade to the Glamaroma Gojiberry + Carrot Seed Sun Protection Cream, a hybrid between skin care and skin protection !


Stock up on your hair serums ! The humidity can cause your hair to frizz up ! Treating your hair once in a while with a good hydrating and enriching hair mask can also help you strengthen your hair and make your hair less frizzy and softer!


The last thing you want this season is your eye liner to run down your face the moment water hits it ! Time to upgrade your eye makeup with waterproof and smudge resistant eyeliners and mascaras !

Lastly, keep yourself well hydrated with plenty of water and a balanced diet also don’t forget to keep your hygiene in check with regular pedicures and manicures !

Other than the above mentioned steps, it’s also essential to have a regular and weekly skin care routine !

Here’s a couple of Additional steps you can keep a note of;

•Include a soap free cleanser in your skincare routine.

•Use a chemical & physical exfoliant once every week !

•Use a Sulphate free cleanser and conditioner to tame the frizz.

•Weekly hair masks to keep your scalp rejuvenated!

That’s it ! Hope this post helps you make the required switches in your skincare routine.