How including Gold in skincare can benefit your skin

Gold in Skincare has been around since centuries, dating back to Cleopatra’s Reign. Gold is one of the most luxurious ingredients used in skincare. Known to increase production of  Collagen which in turn increases skin elasticity, gold is an excellent anti-ageing ingredient.

Benefits of Including Gold In skincare:

  • Gold helps slow down the process of ageing by slowing down the depletion of collagen.
  • Gold also has anti-bacterial properties that help heal and prevent infections to a certain extend.
  • Due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties gold also helps reduce inflammation which causes acne and redness.
  • It also helps protect the skin from radicals that causes wrinkles and sun damage, and also brightens the skin.
  • Gold is known to give a luxurious and healthy looking glow to the skin.
  • Gold tremendously helps to deal with pigmentation and skin texture when incorporated with the right ingredients.

Let’s Discuss a Little about GlamAroma 24K Gold Serum !

With the busy schedules these days it can get pretty hectic to source and find the correct product with a clean ingredient list that also answers all your concerns.So we at GlamAroma bring you our 24 Karat Gold Serum, a blend of miraculous essential oils like Rosehip, Jojoba and Vitamin A & E that work wonders on maintaining the skin while simultaneously healing and repairing the skin. This blend on it’s own is very potent in healing and fading most scars and blemishes but infusing 24K gold has helped boost it’s properties to another level.

A product Specially formulated for Anti-ageing and Skin Repair, this 24k Gold infused Serum helps increase the production of collagen in your skin while also boosting circulation of blood and repairing the skin. The miraculous metal also helps soothe inflammation due to acne and also reduces redness.

Active Ingredients include:

24 Karat Gold: Promotes skin elasticity, lightens skin, repairs scars and Calms skin.

Rosehip Seed Oil:Helps reduce wrinkles and discoloration of skin and evens out skin tone.

Orange Peel: Helps treat Acne, brightens skin and lightens blemishes and scars. Also Helps get rid of dead skin cells and cell turnover cycle. Helps Remove unwanted tan.

How to use and when to use Our 24k Gold Serum.

Our oils come packaged in a dropper style packaging to keep it mess free and easy to use. Since the Serum is essential oil based you only need a little bit of the product, around three drops. Make sure you have thoroughly cleansed your skin and apply it onto dry skin after toning so the Serum can absorb in better. The 24k Gold flakes melting into the skin as you massage is fascinating and that natural dewy look on the skin too. Do not forget to Give the bottle a quick shake because the Gold Flakes can sometimes settle at the bottom of the bottle.

You can use our 24k Gold Serum both during the day and night time in case you have really oil skin we recommend using it only during the night.

TIP: You can also use our 24k Gold Serum as a Dewy makeup primer as it naturally gives a beautiful gold tinted Glow and also due to the tacky nature during the initial few minutes can help the makeup adhere better, make sure to set the makeup well.

You can also use the Serum on the lips to soften and lighten the lips.

Overall, you can do a lot with one bottle of Glamaroma 24K Gold Serum. From Preventing pre-mature wrinkling, to brightening and healing the skin to providing the skin a natural luminous effect !

With consistent Use you will notice a change in your overall skin texture, you will notice your skin feels softer and plumper, Youthful and hydrated and also notice the healing of skin as it will also lighten blemishes and heal scars.

To try this skin potion out ,You can place an order for your 24K Serum at